Plastic runway introduction

Types: the mixed, the composite and the ventilated
Application scope:
l        Schools
l        Stadium
l        Track and Field Stadium
l        Peoples Fitness Route
l        Covered Stadium
l        Playground
l        Excellent flexibility and strength
l        Exceptional abrasion resistance, and ageing resistance
l        High viscous force
l        More safer and comfortable
l        Colorful
l        Good Anti-flaming
l        Easy to maintain and repair
l        Weatherproof
Color: nacarat,grass green , acid blue, cream-colored or your requested color.
Thickness: standard thickness (13mm) or your requested thickness.
l        It is weatherproof on condition that there is some drainage facility.
l        Used only for athletes’ training, competition and students’ sports and exercises.
l        Athletes must wear special shoes. Generally, nails under the shoes are not longer than 7mm, but for jumping shoes not longer than 11mm.If the above length is exceeded, it is forbidden to use.
l        You need 7-10 days’ maintenance after finishing to use.
l        The edge should be given more protection.
l        Cars, weights, and sharp things are forbidden.
l        Keep away organic solvent, chemicals, fire and contamination
l        Keep clean.

l        Environmental: Non-toxicity, pollution-free.
l        Flexibility: Proper flexibility brings proper resilience for athletes,and this can help them to do better and protect them away from danger.
l        Anti-slip: The tailor-made covering layer can guarantee the surface anti-slip and let the athletes feel stable and safe even in the condition of humidity and terrible weather.
l        Abrasion resistance: Exceptional abrasion resistance can guarantee the long-time stability of surfacing structure, The spiked shoes, if the length of spikes is under 9mm, can be allowed. The abrasion resistance is less than 2.5%, and can be used frequently in schools at all levels.
l        Stability: Excellent properties such as anti-aging, salt resistance, spray resistance, ozone resistance and anti-UV, can ensure the surfacing inner structure and the appearance stable and extend the shelf time. No fading, no chalking and no softening.
l        Color: The special high elastic EPDM and PU granule can make the surface color soft and prevent ray reflection. It is beautiful ,durable and can be polychromatic.
l        Compression resistance: Recover flexibility soon under the weight of the track and field equipment.
l        Anti-spike: Even at the starting point of 100- meter race which is weighted most and used frequently, it can’t be hurt by spiked shoes or starting block.
l        Impact resistance: The coriaceous elastic layer and buffered layer can absorb the impacts and avoid the surface hurting.
l        Smoothness: The surface is smooth by using self-leveling materials in accordance with the standards of special competition area.
l        High viscous force: The high viscous force through special treatment can keep the water under ,no-foaming and no-peeling.
l        Safety: prevent hurting after falling.
l        Impact-absorbing: With proper impact-absorbing, designed for less hurts, long-term practices and competitions.
l        Practicality: It is weatherproof and can keep the quality in any season and temperature. It can be put into use immediately after heavy rains or flushing if there is proper drainage system and thus improve the usage rate, but the property does not change.
l        Maintenance: it is necessary to clean and wash daily, but need no special maintenance in the reasonable ranges of use.
Serve promise
l         lengthofwarranty: 5years. We will resolve any quality question for free under warranty.
l         We will maintain lines at the third year for free.
l         We are in charge of project acceptance.
l         Make visits regularly and we plan to visit once every 3monthes constantly.
l         Our aim: make customers satisfied.
l         Help schools to define procedures of maintenance and use.
l         Produce strictly according to ISO9000.2000, and the only standard is to satisfy customers.
l         Our quality aim: the qualification rate for semi-finished products is 100% and the qualification rate for finished products is 100%.


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